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About Our Reconditioned Tractors

We purchase slightly used utility tractors from all over, and have them shipped to us. Once they arrive at our warehouse, we schedule them for an inspection then an intensive pre-sales servicing. Only after we have completed all indicated repairs and maintenance do we consider our utility tractors truly "reconditioned", and worthy to be offered to you for sale. We are so confident that we provide a written warranty. In 19 yrs no one has come forward to offer as good a warranty on all of the reconditioned utility tractors as we do!

We Put Our Name on the Line!

We take such care in reconditioning our utility tractors that we even put our name on the line with our Reconditioned Tractor Warranty. Plus we offer extremely reduced labor costs and all parts at our cost for the first eight months after you purchase your tractor.

Brands of Utility Tractors Offered

Although there are exceptions, the main brand of compact utility tractors we purchase and recondition is Mitsubishi Compact Utility Tractors. We do this because of the exceptional engineering that goes into their construction. As a measure of their durability, another common brand we recondition was the same company trusted by John Deere to manufacture all of the engines for their compact utility line of tractors. Learn more about These Tractors...

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